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SCHOTT KAISHA Vials – Perfection in every detail
Our mission at SCHOTT KAISHA is to convert a decade of pharmaceutical research and investment into sustainable success. Working closely together with you, our team of forward – thinking professionals – spanning from R&D to Sales – is dedicated to developing, producing and delivering vials that are detailed to perfection. By achieving extremely tight dimensions and excellent surface quality, we enable your product to enjoy a notably reliable shelf life.
With the ever – evolving significance of biotech drugs and cost sensitivity in the healthcare sector, drug delivery systems find themselves contending with increased requirements from a market shift towards tighter regulations. Our most accurate production and gentle vial – handling to date facilitates tight dimensions and premium surface quality that reliably ensures your products shelf life.
A broad range of container geometries, quality levels and controlled surface chemistry enable us to tailor the primary packaging solution to your specific needs. All SCHOTT KAISHA Vials are manufactured and packed in environmentally controlled areas certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 15378* international standards.
SCHOTT KAISHA Vials for Efficient Lyophilization
Due to a need to accelerate time-to-market cycles and increase shelf life stability of biopharmaceuticals, a keen interest in robust and cost efficient lyophilisation has leapt into the limelight. A streamlined lyo cake is crucial for better-automated inspectabilty-and indeed fundamentally vital to the chief priority of ensuring patient safety. For crystalline formulations, any lensing effect of the vial-bottom during freezing must be avoided.
Our vials for lyophilization have a specially designed bottom to preven breakage and a blowback feature to fit the required stoppers and prevent pop up of the stoppers during the cycle.
SCHOTT KAISHA Siliconized Vials
SCHOTT KAISHA manufactures siliconized vials using fully automated technology and siliconized vials are packed under LAF (ISO 7) with an ISO 8 background area.
Siliconized vials are offered from 1ml to 100mL in clear and amber glass
The internal Siliconization of glass vials offers various advantages:
  • It minimizes the interactions between the product and container.
  • It prevents high viscosity products from sticking to the internal surface of the vials giving the glass bottle a perfect transparency.
  • Finally, due to its hydrophobic properties, the silicon coating ensures a higher extraction rate down to the last drop of the product, hence less overfill.
SCHOTT KAISHA Ammonium Sulphate Treated Vials
International standards for surface hydrolytic resistance limits are in place (ISO /Pharmacopoeia), but may not be sufficient for particularly sensitive products (proteins, enzymes, etc).
Ammonium Sulphate as a treatment solution, is one of the strategies to reduce this side effect of glass conversion.
SCHOTT KAISHA offers ammonium sulphate treated Vials which are manufactured on fully automated European lines using on-line dosing pump systems.
The dosage concentration and volume is controlled and monitored by SCHOTT KAISHA
SCHOTT KAISHA Bulk Ready-To-Use Vials
This solution provides the flexibility and ease of directly unloading the Vials at the in-feed of the filling station on the filling line itself. The vials are packed in specially designed HIPS trays along with HIPS lids. Once the trays are de-bagged and taken into the filling area, the lid is removed and the vials can be easily transferred from the tray directly to the filing line with the help of a specially design opening in the tray itself. (FIND OUT MORE)
SCHOTT KAISHA Nested Ready-To-Use Vials
With SCHOTT KAISHA ready-to-use nested vials you will be accessing a new era of cutting edge manufacturing. You will gain more freedom with a leaner process, improved quality and more flexibility. Developed in cooperation with innovative and highly regarded machine suppliers, SCHOTT KAISHA ready-to-use nested vials can be processed on a wide range of existing and new fill+finish equipment, allowing the vials to remain nested throughout the fill+finish process including lyophilization. (FIND OUT MORE)
SCHOTT KAISHA Customization Options
  • Schott kaisha ready to sterilize Vials / Cartridges
  • Printing
  • Siliconized
  • Sulphate treated
  • Lyophilization bottom
  • Blowback feature
  • Ready to use configurations
  • Chromatography
  • Snap Fit Vials
  • Available in clear or amber glass
  • Available in BORO 33 expanssion glass
* Jambusar Facility